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Shop Without Buying
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How Does ReturnCat Increase You Sales?
1. Your Shopify Visitors

95.9% of real time Shopify visitors leaves without purchase.
When a visitor comes to Shopify and checks out your items or a category similar to your items, ReturnCat memorizes him or her using the Shopify API. 

2. Super Catchy Video

We will make a catchy 30 seconds video for you. It's FREE! There is absolutely no cost. In the video we say:
"Hey! You visited my Shopify store recently and ..." Here how does it looks like Watch Video Sample

3. Super Magic Trick

When a past Shopify store viewer visits Youtube, or other video sites. We will show him a 30 seconds video advertisement. 82.1% Shopify visitors visit Youtube on the same day

4. From 41 to 78% Sales Increase

We've found that 54.2% of visitors come back to Shopify after viewing an Advertisement.
◆ Apx. 41% make a purchase within 1 week
◆ Apx. 78% will make a purchase within the month
If you sell 100 Items/Month - you will sell 147 Items (78% More)

What is the 14 Days TRIAL ?
During the FREE 14 Days Trial
  • We Make a Catchy 30 Seconds Video for You (2 days)
  • We Also Setup Awesome ReturnCat Campaign (2 days)
  • And Return apx. 500 visitors to your Shopify store (10 days)
YES! It's absolutely FREE of charge and You will See Your First Customers in 3-4 Days
After the Trial, The "ReturnCat" Brings
Returned visitors
For Just 39$/Month
NOTE! No Contract, Cancel Anytime and No Hidden Cost Included

Thanks for All you Did for Me Guys.

For everybody! Yes, guys, be sure it works. I was involved in ReturnCat after shot call from John. We set it up for both my Shopify accounts and got approx. 10% in Sales increase the first week. DON’T YOU FIND IT AWESOME??? It’s still increasing slowly, day by day. It’s probably the best tool I ever used for my accounts and just try it.

Aaron Davids, @Phuzzles on Shopify

ReturnCat Not Only a Tool. It's a New Idea!

We had an awesome experience! Our visitors are not only on Shopify, they are walking around all sites thinking about what to buy. We cat’ted them back with ReturnCat team and ha-ha, yes it raised my sales. 14-days trial? Why are you making this? A 1 day trial is enough to see how it works!

Michel "Big" Kane, @Whitehouse on Shopify

We Did Nothing, Got Everything.

We’re Top Rated Jewelry Sellers on eBay, also selling on Shopify and Amazon. Trial was more than perfect; it worked great and we got a little sales boost. After the trial, it all become more than wonderful, we didn’t get a 78% increase, it was nearer 40-45%, but we did nothing! Really nothing, just gave our Shopify username, that was all.

Helen Martinez, @apt67 on Shopify

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